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Recipe #34: Michael Simon’s Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine Alfredo



Last weekend, Matt was away running the Ragnar Relay, so I decided to go check out Steampunk day at the Renaissance Faire with a friend. It was very cool to see all the costuming that people have come up with. Including a crazy awesome steampunk I-Pad case. I can totally see myself getting into the whole steampunk craze, but I just don’t have that level of commitment right now!

It was the first really hot day we have had here this season though, so we didn’t stay long. My allergies combined with the dry, dusty air and smoke from a nearby brush fire was also giving me a nasty sinus headache. After getting home, I did what most people do after a day like that… Took proper care of my Renaissance dress, jumped in a cold shower, and parked myself in front of the TV until my headache went away.

At some point, it dawned on me that Matt would still not be home for several hours and I should probably feed myself. Still having a bit of a headache, I really didn’t feel like thinking about what to make. Thankfully, I was catching up on episodes of The Chew and this was the recipe that was being prepared. After watching the segment, doing a quick mental inventory and determining that angel hair was close enough to fettuccine I wandered into the kitchen to make it.

It was a perfect recipe to make on autopilot. Quick, easy, simple. My only note, and this is a rule in general, use real Parmesan cheese, not the crappy green can stuff. Which is a good rule in general. I normally only use the 100% grated stuff for breading on chicken or something, but after reading this article the next day, Matt said that even that wasn’t an option any more, and I agree!! Sadly, I had a wedge of the real stuff in the fridge, but I was being lazy and cheap, and it was a mistake. The fake stuff clumped up in the butter  and was, in a word, blech. As the main problem was the cheese was separate from the sauce, I was still able to eat the noodles in what was essentially a butter-shallot sauce which was still good. I will say, it was similar to, but not quite as good as, the Creamy Garlic Pasta I made previously. This was nice though, as it was a traditional alfredo, it didn’t require any cream which I don’t normally have on hand. I need to make this again, the RIGHT way with real cheese, to truly give an opinion on it.

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