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This is the blog of Matt and Jessica Worland, covering a wide range of topics from our marriage to our geeky habits.

We met in high school and quickly became good friends, the best of friends, and remained that for many years. After 5 years of everyone else telling us that we were “perfect for each other”, we finally wondered if they might just be seeing something we missed. They were. We got married in January of 2005 and, thankfully, are still the best of friends.

Our name,, comes from something Matt and I have said to each from very early on. It came out of a moment of either extreme geekiness, silliness, punchiness, or what would have otherwise been an eye-roll inducing moment. But instead of eye-rolling, one of us brought up the following comment, “Do you realize that we are the only two people who could ever, completely, put up with the other one?” And that is completely true, we firmly believe that we were designed by God to perfectly compliment one another. Now as elegant as that sounds, in the “how-very-romantic-comedy-‘you complete me’ ” movie selling sense, we embrace the other side of it. We are all “unique”, have crazy thoughts and think that we are absolutely the most hilarious person we’ve ever met, but every once and awhile you find that other person that agrees with you. In a moment where someone else would be looking at me thinking “Okay crazy lady…” Matt is laughing and loving me. In a moment where Matt is showing the true, deep level of geekiness he has achieved, I think it’s attractive.
This does wonders for a marriage. Not only do you know that you have found the person who can love you at your worst and celebrate with you at your best, but they can enjoy you at your weirdest. And there is no other person in the world that will do that for either of us. I can jump up and down like a 5 year old on Main Street at Disneyland and he will smile at me with the same smile he did on our wedding day.
He can point out that a character on TV is wearing a shirt with a group of comic book characters that never would have socialized with each other and I am amazed that he not only *noticed* that but that he has such an opinion on it.
It is now in these moments that one of us will smile and say “Only two people…”
Geocaching in Big Bear

Geocaching in Big Bear

That is what this website will probably become, a celebration of our weirdness as a couple and individually. We’re still planning out the details but we plan to use this as a way to stay connected with friends and family, share our lives with them, but also to just show what can happen when two weird, geeky people end up together and their geeky universes begin to overlap.
Buttercup and The Dread Pirate Roberts 


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