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2012-366 Day 174 – Tags

I realize that I was lax when first writing these blog posts and not tagging them appropriately, but I’ve now been fairly consistent for 100 posts and accumulated a fair amount of tags. In fact, when I create my posts it gives me the option to choose from my most used tags in the tag section, and clicking the link presents me with the following list (with size being indicative of how often the tag is used):

The list actually lumps together all tags on the site, so posts written and tagged by Jess also show up (see: Epcot, Disney Firsts, and Walt Disney World), but the vast majority are from the current series of blogs. A couple of big winners stand out, the Weekend Wrap Up (which I’ve been doing fairly consistently for a few months now), Shepherd Sports attached to Soccer (at least eight posts between games and tryouts), and Vacation (probably mostly from the San Diego trip series I wrote). I imagine the tags Volleyball, Rocky Peak Sports, and Pictures will be jumping up there in the next couple months as I play more games and post more pictures, with a late run of Softball in the fall.

Funny, to me at least, are the one offs featured in a few specific posts, like Red Bull (a couple of pictures of people sticking wings and a Red Bull can on a crosswalk sign at both CSUN and Pepperdine), Double Take (which actually comes from the Red Bull series), and a very tiny Sign tag. Perhaps I should also be worried that Thoughts is such a tiny tag, although I suppose that might be appropriate.

I’ll try to post an updated tag cloud in another 50-100 posts or so, and also update the early posts so they have their appropriate tags to see how it changes.

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  1. mom said

    I really like clouds–they are a snapshot of a blog. But I don’t see it on your front page… ?

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