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Year of a Hundred New Recipes Intro and Recipe #1: Eggs in Hell

Okay, so now that Matt has stopped hogging the blog I guess I can post again….


I’m not one for resolutions. Well, let me rephrase that. I’m not one to TALK about resolutions. I don’t like to talk about what I am working on because if I fall short then only I am disappointed in me (and let’s face it, I’m gonna be far harder on myself than anyone else is). Yes, I know the theory behind the whole “accountability” “keep you honest” “support network” idea, but I’m just very… internal? I’d say private, but I don’t know if any one would agree with me, particularly as I am saying it on a Blog… But I am.

Back to resolutions. I decided that I am going to try 100 new recipes in 2013. I have mentioned Pinterest in past, and one of the primary reasons I use it is for recipes. I was looking and I have 145 recipe pins between my “Things I want to cook” and “Things I want to bake” boards. I already went through my boards last week and cleaned out a bunch of stuff. Sadly, when you work on a “To-Do List” mentality, Pinterest starts to feel like a giant reminder of all the stuff you wanted to do but haven’t. So I went through and cleared out the recipes that I knew I’d never make. (I apparently went on a bit of a pumpkin trip last September…pumpkin bars, pumpkin coffee cake, pumpkin snickerdoodles, pumpkin donuts) That still left me with 145 pins. . . So I need to get cooking.

The recipes won’t all be coming from Pinterest (although I will add them there) and they don’t only have to be from the original 145. I really need to clear out some of that backlog a bit, but I will still be adding new things I am sure! They must be new to me recipes though, not things I have made before.

After each recipe I’ll write a short “review” of what I thought or things I did different here. (A short version will also be pinned to the board I created for this project “2013 – The Year of A Hundred New Recipes”)

First up, New Years Brunch – Eggs in Hell From the Chew/Mario Batali
Recipe:├é┬áMario Batali’s Eggs in Hell
Picture: Yeah… I just came up with this idea so I kinda ate it before taking a photo. I’ll be better about that next time, but here, please enjoy this picture from the website of how they were supposed to look:
Eggs in Hell
Yeah, mine looked TOTALLY like that…

These are essentially eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce. Both Matt and I prefer our eggs scrambled, but I will branch out on the rare occasion. Matt, not as often, so these were just for me, so I reduced the recipe. The problem was reducing the├é┬ájalapeno├é┬áas well, I over-compensated, reducing once for quantity and again for my├é┬áperceived├é┬áwhimpiness. Discovery #1, I’m apparently not that much of a whimp. My quote was “They are more like eggs in purgatory”. So don’t skimp on the├é┬ájalapeno, otherwise it’s just eggs in tomato sauce. Which led to discovery #2, I’m not the biggest fan of eggs and tomato sauce together. I can see how/why it works, but just isn’t a flavor combination that appeals to me. Although, I would try this method again using enchilada sauce for Heuvos Rancheros and see how those turn out….


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  1. Dad said

    Your Grandmother made a cake, sort of a pineapple upside down cake but not. I recall how it looked and how it tasted, it had walnuts in it as I recall. I have no idea what the name of this cake was nor where you could find the recipe. The hard part here is not making the cake but the detective story in trying to track down the recipe, given what little information I can recall, let alone provide. But I figure you got a year so you can squeeze your Dad in somewhere!

  2. Andy said

    This reminds me of the Italian Breakfast at the Wildflour Bakery by my place. It’s a sliced baguette with over-easy eggs, tomato sauce and arugula. It’s very tasty. I’ll have to try this recipe as well.

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