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The conversation every couple has…

Wife: What do you want for dinner?

Husband: Whatever you want.

Wife: I don’t know what I want. What do you want?

Husband: I don’t know, whatever you want to eat is fine with me.

Wife: If I knew what I wanted, I wouldn’t ask you what you wanted, I’d tell you what I want. Do you want me cook something or go out?

Husband: Either is fine.

Wife: What do you want me to make?

Husband: Whatever you want.

Wife: If I knew what I wanted to make, I’d make it.

Husband: Want to go out then?

Wife: Sure, where do you want to go?

Husband: I don’t care!!

Wife: Just pick something!

Husband: Fine, Panda Express.

Wife: Not that…

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  1. Tiffany said

    Hahaha, love it. Matt and I have that discussion at least once a week but it’s more about where we’re going out. He asks me where I want to go, I say I don’t know you pick but usually follow that up with no thai or asian food or no italian or american food, etc and so on until it limits it to about 5 places. 😉

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