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Saturday Afternoons

When I was little, on Saturday afternoons, my dad and I would go for these long drives. We’d get in, he’d hand me a map and ask me how to get somewhere, because he wanted me to know how to read a map. We’d listen to music while we’d talk and he’d tell me why he loved that artist or song, because even if I didn’t like it, he wanted me to appreciate all music. We’d talk about everything, questions, opinions, it was a free space because he wanted me to know I could always talk to him. Sometimes we’d just drive, sometimes we end up at Dodger games or Leo Carrillo, because he wanted me to appreciate adventure. My favorite was when we’d end up at the McDonalds right by Disneyland just in time for the fireworks, because he wanted to make me smile. I learned so much on those Saturday afternoon drives. I love you Dad, Happy Father’s Day.

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  1. Tony Lewis said

    now the whole world knows my secret—–I’m cheap! Love you too. Pood. Proud to be the only person in the world you call Daddy

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