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Recipe #9: Skillet Cookie

I have always had this weird quirk to my eating habits. I have very distinct cycles that last about 3 months. For 3 months, I will be starving all the time, just always hungry. I will always eat when I’m hungry, figuring my body knows what it wants better than I do. First, I will have some water or tea to make sure I’m not thirsty or maybe I’m simply bored (chewing gum usually solves that problem), but I’m usually actually hungry. Then for 3 months I will eat very little and be perfectly happy. (This does not result in a fabulous relationship between the scale and I.)

Along with this cycle I also have certain cravings that last the same 3 month period. This past summer was tomatoes. I ate probably my weight in cherry tomatoes. Before that it was comfort foods (pot pie, mac and cheese, bread). Awhile back it was Mediterranean food, especially tzatziki. It’s not that I need to have it, I just can always eat it. It always sounds so good and is the near constant answer to “What do you want for dinner?” Then it will simply stop one day, the mood will simply leave and move on to the next random craving.

This time around is annoying. I have a sweet tooth. I do enjoy sweet treats and desserts, and there is always room for ice cream. Normally though, I can easily walk away from most sweets (homemade chocolate chip cookies are an exception, with those I cannot be trusted.) This is why the candy bowl is on my desk at work. It is there for everyone else to enjoy and I do not have a problem with it. People frequently ask how I can have it on my desk without constantly eating it, my answer is “Because I’m a salty person. If those were french fries it would be entirely different.” Now? Now I’m having a hard time keeping my hand from taking a Kiss or two, or M&M’s, or Snickers. Grocery shopping, somehow Oreos keep finding their way into my cart. For dinner the other night, seriously I just wanted to eat S’mores. (So I did.)

This next recipe was born out of this annoying (yet so delicious) place I am at. And it was so very good!

Skillet Cookie


And yes, “traditionally” this should have ice cream on top but all we had in the freezer was chocolate chip cookie dough flavor and that was more “meta” than I was feeling that night. 🙂

If you have ever been to BJ’s Brewhouse, you know that this is a take on their Pizookie. If you haven’t been, then why not?! A Pizookie is a “Pizza-Cookie”, they put cookie dough in a small deep-dish pizza pan and cook it until about halfway done. Crunchy on the outside, gooey in the middle, it is seriously perfect.

I’m so happy that this was recipe #9, 9 and its multiples being my favorite numbers. This was so, so good. It looks a bit puffy in the picture but that is because under that lovely cookie crust is pure gooey goodness.

This recipe is GREAT to keep around. 1 ) It is easy. Don’t you hate it when you have a recipe that says “prep time 30 minutes” and 2 hours later you’re still hungry? Not so here! It says 8 minutes and it means 8 minutes. The majority of that is waiting for the pan to cool down a bit before adding the egg. It’s actually easier than making actual cookies

2) It uses things 98% of people have in their pantry and it’s one dish, no extra bowls or mixers to clean.

3)  It’s a great family style dessert! Sadly, this was just for Matt and I so we couldn’t finish it (well, knew we shouldn’t finish it might be more accurate), but next time I have friends over, this will be my go-to dessert!

The only reason I have not made this again already is that I know how much would be wasted on just Matt and I and it is just too good to waste. Trust me though, this has been a nearly constant fight each night with my sweet tooth. . .

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