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Recipe #36: Not Fried Chicken

Not Fried Chicken


Short review tonight. As much as I loved this recipe while eating it, a long work week as apparently broken my brain and left me with little to say about it.

Growing up, my dad had this one dish he would make that was his. He could copy mom’s recipes, or follow back-of-the-box type of stuff, but for whatever reason Oven Fried Chicken was dad’s specialty.  This recipe is not as good as his, but for the several I have tried since getting married, it’s the best one I have made. Using the “Shake and Bake” method (Matt helped!) it didn’t take long at all to get into the oven.

The recipe itself calls for Progresso Italian breadcrumbs (which is actually what dad uses if I remember correctly), but I only had plain panko. Not wanting to make a special trip to the store, I just added some garlic powder and Italian seasoning. I think I actually preferred this to the finer Progresso crumbs (Sorry, dad). It made them super crunchy, even more crunchy than most fried chicken! Given that I just bought something like 8lbs of drumsticks at Costco, you can bet I’ll be making this again!

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