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Recipe #24: “Perfect” Chicken seasoning

“Perfect Chicken”

This recipe is a simple chicken spice rub. The blogs promises that this is the solution to the normally bland chicken you would use in casseroles or chicken salad. I’m not sure who doesn’t season their chicken for chicken salad or casseroles, but, yes, this would be the solution.

The rub itself is simple. Combine equal parts salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder. Then rub it liberally on your chicken. This evening I used 2 chicken breasts…


Then use your preferred cooking method. Mine was pan seared in oil and then finished in a 350 degree oven. . .


The paprika gives it a beautiful color and it was very tasty. Possibly a bit salty for my taste, but I may have just hit pockets that were saltier than others. Matt said he didn’t notice it. This is a handy seasoning mix to have on hand. Not just for chicken either (by the way, if you add some turmeric and sugar, I think this might be the same mix as Lawry’s seasoned salt. ) It’s a good way to season chicken that doesn’t otherwise call for seasoning in a recipe.

Honestly though, simply salt, pepper and cooked in butter is still my personal preferred method for chicken.

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