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Recipe #23: Drop Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

Part of this 100 recipe goal was also to force me to meal plan for the week. I used to do it all the time, but then we got busy and it was getting harder and harder to think ahead. Having to average about 2 recipes a week means I have to plan ahead. So when this recipe popped up in my RSS Feed last Sunday morning, I was all for it! Due to Matt’s Karate schedule, Bible Study, and a show we were going to on Friday. Thursday was the only available night for me to cook this recipe. Thursday, however, is when Matt gets in his longer run. There are certain meals you can run on, and ones you cannot. This is one you cannot. Therefore, he had to run first, then we would eat. This meant that I was cooking dinner at 8:30 and starving… so there are no process pictures of this one, because I was going to cook this as quickly as possible and was thinking of nothing else! So this is just a review . . .

Drop Biscuits and Sausage Gravy


(Fried egg is optional…)

First of all, the recipe come from Ree Drummond, a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman. I found her blog years ago. I love her recipes, they are simple, easy to make, and taste amazing! I don’t think I have made anything off her site that I haven’t loved and worked into our dinner rotation. Also, I love how she writes her recipes. The photos make things so easy. There are times you are making something and go, “Is it supposed to look like that!?”. With her blog you can look at that step and go, “Yep, it is!”

True to form, I LOVE this dish! Biscuits and Gravy is really quite basic but really easy to screw up. I find that more often you have bad versions than good. This version was perfect. I was surprised how quickly this all came together. From making the biscuits to finishing the gravy took less than 40 minutes. It had the perfect consistency and flavor, even 2 days later for leftovers the gravy was beautiful. I told Matt this is going to go into our rotation for dinners. Not too often or we’ll gain about 50lbs each, but on the “What haven’t I made for awhile?” list. Although, truth be told, I could make this again tonight and be totally happy.

So, go to her website and take a look at the recipe, she does wonderful step by step photos. Including a few on how to serve them up. Whole with a side of gravy for dipping or my new favorite method, torn up pieces smothered in gravy:

Property of Ree Drummond at

And in case you want other Pioneer Woman recipes, here are two of my favorite:

Bowtie Lasagna

The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever (one of the few times a superlative has actually lived up to the claim)

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