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Recipe #19: Happy Pi Day! Chocolate Mousse Pie Bites

Happy Pi Day everyone!

If you are unaware of this particular aspect of Geek-dom, today is Pi Day, March 14th or 3/14, due to its resemblance to the number π. Truth be told, I do agree that τ (or Tau) does make more sense mathmatically, but until Tau Day (June 28th) comes with it’s own dessert (that doesn’t require me making 2 pies) I’m sticking with Pi Day. And c’mon, who doesn’t like pie?! (Pie with an e, Pi apparently does have a rather passionate mob after it.)

Chocolate Mousse Pie Bite

This recipe comes from Chef In Training, so that was promising that it wasn’t going to be too hard. This was a last minute plan, I was originally going to make these mini pumpkin pies from Bakerella but my co-worker, Mirranda, protested. 1) I have made them before therefore they would not qualify for the 100 Recipe Challenge. 2) She would really prefer chocolate. Now, that sounds innocent enough, but I should say that my lovely co-worker is 7 months pregnant and she said “chocolate” in a way that only a pregnant woman can. While totally sweet and kind (which describes her to the core) with a hint of “you better bring chocolate pie.” So a quick pinterest search led me here….


1 (3.9 oz) box instant chocolate pudding mix
1/2 cup water
1 (14 oz) can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 (8 oz.) container Cool whip
1 cup chocolate chips, melted to smooth consistency

Mix the pudding, water, and condensed milk together and then pour in the melted chocolate chips…


I’m trying something new and taking more pictures of the process of making these recipes. I have learned that, 1) I may want to pull out my camera instead of using my cell phone for this and 2) a yellow kitchen with florescent lighting is absolutely awful for taking any kind of photo with any camera setting. You’ll see me try about 17 different ones with no avail.

Once the melted chocolate is incorporated, fold in the cool whip. Gently. Until there are no more white streaks.


I made my filling first and stuck it in the fridge while I made the crusts. Which essentially added up to rolling out the dough and cutting out circles…


Signs of a small kitchen. You use the smallest cutting board possible, in the smallest area possible, and use an old (clean!) mustard jar as your cutter (okay, that is actually resourceful, so there!). Then bake according to the instructions. Mine took about 10 minutes to get golden brown and yummy


Once your pie disks have cooled, thoroughly cooled, start piping on the filling…
There are no pictures of this step because I wasn’t about to get chocolate mousse on my phone… you should end up with something like this…


Which was wonderful… and yummy… and I ate like 5… you know, just to make sure they were worthy of bringing to work. You need an adequate sample size, it’s the responsible thing to do!

As wonderful as these were, it felt like it was missing something… Something to truly make it celebratory of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter…


There we go!

I made these by melting some chocolate chips and putting that in a piping bag with a fine tip. I piped out the symbol onto some non-stick foil and left them in the fridge overnight.

These little pies were a HIT at work, they would be perfect for a shower, birthday party, or luncheon too. I had a ton of leftover mousse which I may or may not be currently eating straight from the bowl with a spoon.

So, make these any time but especially for March 14th, 2015 which will be an epic Pi DayIMAG0063_BURST003


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