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Recipe #17: Loaded baked potato salad

Loaded Baked Potato Salad

Picture from because apparently I forgot to take one…

Short post on this one because there just isn’t much to say. This recipe provides all the flavor of a loaded baked potato but in salad form. I switched out the sour cream for fat free greek yogurt. 1) It lightens it up and adds protein… and 2) I actually prefer the taste of greek yogurt to sour cream…

Now for my favorite potato salad tip! I learned this last year… Cook your potatoes, drain them, and put them in the bowl. Then immediately, while they are still hot, dress them with some white vinegar and salt. I’m not sure how much as I just eye it, but I usually do a couple good splashes. This is a *world* of difference for any potato salad. It heightens all the flavors. (It is possible that I truly love this because I also love Salt and Vinegar Potato chips, but I still recommend that you try it at least once!)

This potato salad was good and could be a meal by itself. Matt really liked it as well. We ate it warm, but it was just as good, if not better, cold the next day (minus the cold bacon which is simply not okay…). I’m just not sure it would replace my wanting a baked potato or my favorite  potato salad (which happens to be made by my father-in-law). It was a nice way to switch things up though!

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