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Recipe #14: Garlic Parmesan Pull-Apart Bread

It’s been a weird few weeks at work. We have all been very busy with our normal work, just a lot of things hitting all at once. I had several major deadlines in the last couple of weeks. We are doing a search and screen for a new professor. We had an alumni event last weekend, so there was a lot of planning and work that went into that. Then, sadly, we were dealt an emotional blow as we learned that our Associate Dean died in a climbing accident last weekend. I enjoyed working with him immensely, he always had a quip or sarcastic remark about what we were working on. I also had him for a class back in 2004, Geography of Europe, one of my favorite classes I took in my college career. Our final project was to plan a 2-3 week trip around Europe based on a theme, mine, shockingly, was food. Cheese to be specific. We had to give a full itinerary in addition to a write up as to why we were in each location. It was a fantastic way to learn Geography.

Somewhere in all of that, a co-worker had a birthday, and as is our tradition we had special office lunch for her. We ordered from a local Italian place that delivers to campus. Our original plan to order a catering pan of lasagna to share was sidelined due to the realization it was a Friday during Lent so we each ended up getting our own meal to allow non-meat options. (My choice was cheese ravioli… not that it means anything to you. It was just yummy and worth mentioning.) One thing that didn’t change was that I was bringing the garlic bread instead of us spending the money to order enough for everyone. The problem was that I had to make it that morning and keep it warm until lunch at 11:30. This was my solution:


What? Your travel tote doesn’t have a plug? 🙂 (That would be a heating pad by the way) It worked quite well actually and I was proud of my little set up. It also meant my whole desk area smelled like garlic all morning.

Anyways on to the recipe:

Garlic Parmesan Pull-Apart Bread



This was awesome. Grands Biscuits, Butter, Garlic, Parmesan, Italian Seasoning. That’s it. It was so easy to make…How easy? I made it at 6:30am and anyone that knows me knows that means I was not awake while preparing it.

It tasted so good that just looking at the picture is making me sad I don’t have some right now.



Warning, this bread was highly addictive, we just kept pulling off pieces and eating them before we even opened our take out. I heard a co-worker offer it to a passing faculty as “Garlic crack”. Before I even got to enjoy my ravioli, I was sent back to my desk and ordered to email the recipe to the whole office.

Side note, this was *perfect* to dip in Marinara Sauce by the way. I might serve it like that at a party sometime, just bread and sauce. Because that’s how I roll…

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