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Recipe #11: “Melt in your mouth chicken” and Recipe #12: Sausage Bites

Hey all! I’m still behind on blogging these things, partly because I haven’t had much to say on either of these recipes so I kept procrastinating thinking something would come to me. I also wanted to avoid doubling up recipe posts, but at this point it’s either double up or nothing, so here we go:

Recipe #11:

“Melt in your mouth” chicken


Now this recipe is “new to me”. It’s a standard “back of the box/bottle” recipe, so it’s been around for years, I had just never made it. It sounded good to Matt, so we tried it. You coat the chicken in mayo, Parmesan cheese, and seasoning, then bake it. I used chicken thighs instead breasts because they are cheaper and taste better (in my opinion). Matt really liked this recipe, and it was good, my strike against it is that I have a similar recipe that I like much more (and that has more flavor) called “Heroin Chicken” (because “one bite and you’re addicted”). Plus since you use butter instead of mayo I can pretend it’s healthier. 😉

Recipe #12:

Valerie Bertinelli’s Seriously Good Sausage Bites


This is another recipe that I swear was “back of a box”, but they attribute it to Valerie Bertinelli so who am I to argue if Bisquick won’t. 🙂 I made these for Super Bowl and they were yummy!! I used my new flavor obsession, Sriracha, instead of tabasco, SO GOOD! I ate about 15 before the game even started. They weren’t the best thing I brought that day (they couldn’t really compete with bacon wrapped little smokies and this Jalepeno Popper Dip that I am addicted to eating.) I had over-mixed the dough so they were a little on the tough side, plus being warmed (aka: reheated) twice played with the texture even more. Straight out of the oven (when I downed my first 10…that was “breakfast”) they were amazing! I would make these again for any “Big Game” or game night at our place, I probably wouldn’t travel with them though. So, to summarize: Don’t over-mix your dough, use Sriracha, eat them fresh, prepare to eat 20 in one sitting.

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  1. Kristi said

    I’m interested in this jalapeno popper dip you mentioned

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