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2012-366 Day 111 – Ragnar Day 1

Here’s the Facebook posts I put up on the first day of Ragnar and some follow up reflections.

1. “And we’re off! Ragnar 2012!”

2. “At the first major Ragnar exchange, the last runner from van 1 is on the way to us.”

3. “Runner 7 is on the course, I’m number 9”

4. “Runner 8 is off. It’s HOT!”

5. “Didn’t get a chance to post before, but I survived my first leg (barely, so hot!). Actually carried a water bottle even though I hate holding things when running.”

6. “And it’s 101 out.”

7. “And now van 2 gets a much deserved rest.”

8. “Of course it’s 66 degrees at the next major exchange now.”

9. “Blog update today and tomorrow is a placeholder for all the stuff I am putting here.”

10. “Attempt one at futilely trying to sleep during Ragnar, begin now.”

Came in at exactly 10 posts on the first day. We actually got up to 105 according to the car thermometer at one point, so all of our afternoon legs suffered. I think I averaged around a 14 minute mile, by far my slowest, and I regretted the Krispy Kreme doughnut I had at the first exchange. We recorded a temperature of 55 at one point for our night runs, so we actually had a 50 degree difference between our first and second runs. It was certainly a crazy start to the relay, although our second major exchange was one of the nicest yet, at the Welk Resort, where we got to sleep in a nice grass area next to a golf course.

Weight: 231 Loss: 9 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 104.2 miles
Fitocracy Level: 18 (39321 points, 529 to next level) – ID: disciplev1
Soccer – Last Game: W, 13-5 (Record: 2-4) Next Game: 4/22 – 7:30 pm

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