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2012-366 Day 112 – Ragnar Day 2

Day 2 Facebook posts from the Ragnar Relay and final reflections following.

1. “Got more sleep than I thought, now van 2 is off again.”

2. “Getting ready for my second leg.”

3. “By the chute.”

4. “Much better this time. Leg 2 done in temperature 50 degrees cooler. Runner 10 is out on the course.”

5. “Just realized I slept through all the baseball games today. Apparently my fantasy team appreciates my dedication, big jump today. :-)”

6. “Wrapping up our second legs, runner 12 is on the way!”

7. “Mcdonalds, Ragnar breakfast of champions.”

8. “Soooooo tired. Heading to some sleep, hopefully, before embarking on 11.1”

9. “Got a couple hours of sleep, still have to wait a while for my last leg.”

10. “Van 2 is back on the course for the home stretch!”

11. “Runner 8 is out, I’m on deck.”

12. “And the monster is slain, my final leg is done! Three more until the prize!”

13. “If I meet the person who decided to put San Francisco in the middle of the @ragnarrelay #ragnarsocal 11.1 mile leg 33, we will have words.”

14. “So, in case you are curious, 11.1 miles in San Diego will take you from Sea World to Hodad’s to the airport to the Midway to the convention center. The only thing missing was Stephen Rodgers house.”

15. “Got interrupted posting that I was waiting at the finish line because we had to, you know, finish. All packed up and heading out.”

16. “I couldn’t post this until I saw Jess in person, but I have a souvenir from trying to tie my shoe in the dark last night next to an open SUV window.” – This post featured a picture of the cut on my head, which I’ll save your from the repost of.

17. “I am sore, but functional. Thanks everyone for all the love and support, Ragnar Socal 2012 was a blast! Now the trip back home and playing goalie in my soccer game tonight.”

18. “Just ran into a whole Ragnar team (Case of the Runs) at Pizzeria Luigi down here in San Diego. Their runner 9 and I commiserated over the hill in leg 3 and the lack of shade on Ontario in leg 1.”

And 18 posts on Day 2 (okay, the last two are technically from Sunday, but were Ragnar related, so I thought I’d include them). Day 2 featured the part I was least looking forward to, an 11.1 trek through San Diego. Jess, my sister, and Dennis made the trek down from L.A. to cheer me on out on the course, and Jess supplied me with some of a Hodad’s shake that I had repeatedly requested. An unpleasant surprise during the run was a mile long, straight up hill that I was not expecting. I walked it to conserve energy, since there was still 6 miles left afterward. Of course, the day started with a run at 2 in the morning, a 3.8 miler that I ran at a near 10 minute mile pace.

Once again, Ragnar was an awesome experience, though certainly a challenging one. I’m proud to have been a part of it once again and especially proud to have completed the longest leg on the schedule this year for the team. I walked to the side from the exchange point after that run and gave a shout of triumph, which petered out a bit since it was my last bit of energy. I hope to make it four in a row next year.

Weight: 231 Loss: 9 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 104.2 miles
Fitocracy Level: 18 (39321 points, 529 to next level) – ID: disciplev1
Soccer – Last Game: W, 13-5 (Record: 2-4) Next Game: 4/22 – 7:30 pm

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