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Since Matt introduced himself, I guess it’s my turn!

I’m Jessica, although pretty much everyone calls me Jess. I work for a local University helping primarily graduate students navigate through the bureaucratic red tape surrounding getting a Master’s degree that no one tells you about. I have a BA in Psychology with a focus in Developmental Psych, but my true passion is weather. Seeing as we are located in Los Angeles, the city of no weather, there weren’t exactly a lot of meteorology programs for me to choose from so we went with the back-up plan. I still dream about storm chasing one day though and watch the Weather Channel for fun (I’m a geek I know). I am also a theater geek with a love for musical theater. Other than that, I love cooking but especially baking. I bleed Dodger blue, in case you couldn’t tell. I love to play Ultimate Frisbee and geocache with Matt. I love taking photos. Oh, and yes, I am a Disney Nerd.

I am extremely eclectic, although some would say I’m more “random”. Expect lots of various blogs from me on pretty much anything that goes through my mind in a day. The first several are going to be very “Disney” focused but that is primarily because we just got back from Disney World for the first time!!  After that, we’ll see. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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