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A Crappy Week and Recipe #8: Greek Quinoa Salad

This post is less about food and more about me whining….

This week has sucked. Nothing totally horrible has happened, but just a bunch of annoying things (like our fridge being left open) followed by one really, really annoying thing. First off, Sunday I was cleaning up a broken picture frame and sliced open my finger on a piece of glass. Not wanting to figure out if I needed stitches and how they would do stitches on a knuckle, I just patched it up best I could. Now because it’s on a knuckle, it kept reopening which was, you know, “unpleasant”. Not to mention it was my right middle finger knuckle so I couldn’t/shouldn’t bend it, this resulted in my flipping people off any time I tried to grab anything. It’s healing now, but I’m pretty sure it’ll scar, there goes my hand modeling career.

Secondly, Matt has been sick with a flu all week, I have been feeling crappy too. This is why I get the flu shot.You may still get the flu, but if you do, it is significantly less. I have felt crappy, that “Not crappy enough to miss work. Crappy enough to not want to do anything else because all your energy went to work.”  I got off easy. Matt’s missed 2.5 days of work, I missed 1, mostly because my boss told me to so I could rest (I apparently was pale and her inner “mother hen” kicked in) and so I could take care of him. So, in my opinion, get the flu shot.

And the final blow this week…My phone died. The pins in the charging port somehow were bent and there was no fixing it. I lost everything; contacts, old texts I had saved, and my photos that for some reason had started saving to the phone instead of the memory card. I had not backed up anything. Next time, I will sync everything to Google. I learned the hard way.

Me, this time last year –

“Really Matt. I don’t need a smart phone. I don’t play with mine as much as you do. I don’t even call people. I just need something that texts easily. Really I don’t need anything fancy”

Me, yesterday –

“My phone?!?! NOOOOOO! Not my phone! Why God, Why?! What do you mean Sprint can’t fix it?! My life is on there. I can’t go back to the old phone. I have come to far to go back. I needs it!!!”

How a year changes you. I admit, not really for the better, but the truth is I am a convert. I “need” my smart phone now. Whether for email or texting, working out of the office, reading at the gym, taking photos (I haven’t touched my actual camera in months) and videos, couponing (JoAnn’s app, brilliant!), and yes, killing time on pinterest and facebook. . .Okay, okay and the occasional angry bird. . . I have become dependent upon my phone.

Did you notice something missing in there? Phone calls maybe? Yes, because that is my least favorite aspect of my phone. I HATE talking on the phone. There are a couple reasons. First, I talk on the phone all day at work, it’s the bulk of my in office tasks. Second, I suffer from some hearing loss, it normally doesn’t both me unless we are in a crowded/loud place, but it can be hard for me to make things out over a cell phone since things are more muffled and I can’t look at the person talking. I just much prefer to speak in text based format or face-to-face.

So yes, I am hurting with my first world problem. I am using Matt’s old phone until I can save up to buy a new one. Which sounds so spoiled, and it is, but I hate Matt’s old phone. I never liked using it when it was his current phone. Again, I’m whiny and spoiled, I should be thankful I even had a phone let alone a back up phone to use in the meantime. Loosing the pictures though, that stung. I think I loved that phone as a camera more than anything else.

Anyway, enough whining and on to something that went right this week. . . Thursday’s lunch.

Green Quinoa Salad
ehold, the last picture my phone took…::sigh::

Do you like our fancy work plates? 🙂

This recipe comes from Bobby Flay. He has a new web series called Bobby Flay Fit. It’s very simple and, outside of cooking the quinoa, came together in about 10 minutes. It was a perfect lunch with lots of fresh veggies. Personally, I don’t care for olives, so I left those out. The peppers too, which would have been yummy, I was just cheap. It was still delicious!! It was so good and looked so pretty, my boss asked for a bite and then immediately asked for the recipe. She loves dishes like this and has a niece who is vegan and this is something they can both enjoy by simply removing the feta. It would be a perfect summer potluck salad.

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