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2012-366 Day 83 – Food Trucks

One of the trends that’s been going on for several years now in the L.A. area (and many more cities in the meantime) has been gourmet food trucks that roam around the city, dishing out their wares for whoever is lucky enough to be near where they land and are willing to wait in the sometimes generous lines. Jess and I started trying them out a couple years ago and have slowly accumulated a list of favorites. Our patronage has tapered off over the past few months, it remains to be seen whether that was due to the cooler weather or a general desire to eat a little healthier. We’re back on the trail tonight, so here’s some of our favorites from the past and what I like there.

Kogi BBQ –
One of the originals and most successful, I actually like this one a lot better than Jess does. I highly recommend the short rib tacos or burritos, but they have all sorts of interesting fusion (Korean/Mexican) foods to try.

The Wien –
A hot dog truck with all sorts of variations, my absolute favorite is called the Gunslinger. It’s a beef hot dog wrapped with bacon, topped with barbecue sauce, fried onion shreds, and smothered in cheddar cheese. Soooo good, but you can see why health concerns start getting involved with these trucks.

Grill ‘Em All –
They won the inaugural Food Network “Great Food Truck Race” and they deserved it. Tried their signature Behemoth on a whim and it is absolutely wrong how incredibly good that burger is. It’s a bit pricey, but what do you expect for cheddar cheese, bacon, beer soaked onions, pickles, Grandma’s Mosh Pit BBQ Sauce, all capped with grilled cheese buns. Yes, grilled cheese sandwiches are the buns!

South Philly Experience –
There are several Philly cheese steak trucks roaming about, but this our preferred one. I have to remember that my favorite is the Pizza Steak (provolone and marinara) and not the Italian steak (provolone and broccoli rabe), that one time I mixed it up was a rude surprise.

The Grilled Cheese Truck –
It’s between Kogi, Grill ‘Em All, and these guys for who traditionally has the longest line. Many people love them, I think they’re just okay (then again, I get many rave reviews of my grilled cheese, so maybe I’m just snobby).

Buttermilk Truck –
I’m a big fan of a place that names themselves after a product and then just crushed that product out of the park. This breakfast themed truck has buttermilk biscuits that are so good, they might actually make you cry. Even now I can taste the one biscuit I’ve had from them, and that was a good year ago.

Mossie Lee’s Southern Cuisine –
I actually haven’t had much from this truck, but I will say this: amazing macaroni and cheese.

Tornado Potato –
I’ve covered some heart-stopping stuff here, but nothing comes close to being as good to eat but bad for you as this one. The Screwdriver is a sausage wrapped in a potato (click through to see it) and then covered in chili and nacho cheese. It is so good, but probably pretty deadly too!

I’m leaning towards the Wien tonight if they’re out in Chatsworth (they usually are on Friday night), although the Screwdriver will be a tempting option if it’s available.

Weight: 232.2 Loss: 7.8 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 72.2 miles
Fitocracy Level: 16 (28729 points, 2379/4000 to next level) – ID: disciplev1
Soccer – Last Game: W, 10-4 (Record: 1-3) Next Game: Bye – 3/25, 4/1 – 5 pm

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