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2012-366 Day 80 – Fantasy Baseball

In a fervent desire to avoid the jinx that I put on my NCAA Bracket (currently in the bottom 4.2% on I will be strictly avoiding any sort of predictive measure in this space. That being said, I’m playing in my first “for-realsies” fantasy baseball league this year (always having played in random leagues on various sites in the past). I did play in a 20-team league last year (came in 3rd) that was put on by one of the webcomics I read (Surviving the World) which was a lot of fun and had its own unique challenges. (How familiar are you with everyone’s triple A teams?)

This league, however, is my first with A) some people I know directly, B) has an entry fee and prizes, and C) is a keeper league, so players matter more over the long haul. We had our inaugural draft on Saturday (after a little bit of confusion), so my 25 guys are ready to go for the season. I already have made my first trade (with the league commissioner) as I found one of the guys in the draft that he wanted but didn’t see on the screen (Aroldis Chapman for Lonnie Chisenhall, a 100 mph throwing potential starter for the Indians 3B of the future), and my first potential drop (looking at you Marco Scutaro, with your .150 spring training batting average).

That always has been one of my strengths in fantasy baseball, not being so attached to people that I’m not afraid to cut them. Granted, Scutaro was my 21st round selection (out of 25), but you’d be surprised how many people gain an irrational attachment to people they draft. I also tend to pick up good players on the Waiver wire, although that may be more of a challenge this year as there is more incentive for people to keep paying attention (instead of half the league not paying attention to their team by the All-Star break).

I’m very much looking forward to this season, and I’m sure I’ll be updating you on the team’s progress (good or bad, both make for more potentially interesting reading than average) from here on out.

On an unrelated note, it’s been mentioned to me that the footer is becoming a bit unwieldy. I’ll re-examine what I want to do down there, so look for that change coming soon.

Weight: 232.2 Max: 240 Body Fat %: 24.7
Yearly Mileage: 72.2 miles
Current Belt: Orange – Next Belt: Blue – Next Test Date: 5/12
Fitocracy Level: 16 (27953 points, 1603/4000 to next level) – ID: disciplev1
Soccer – Last Game: W, 10-4 (Record: 1-3) Next Game: Bye 3/25, 4/1, 5 pm
Goals(Points)/Saves – Game 1: 5(7)/7 Game 2: 9(11)/7 Game 3: 5(8)/17 Game 4: 4(4)/?

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  1. Your wife said

    I was worried for a second, that second to last paragraph (about keeping us updated on the team’s progress) made me think you were adding another tidbit to the footer. 😉

  2. Andy said

    FWIW, it’s easy to ignore the footer. If you want to go through the effort of updating it each time something changes it, my mantra is more data is always better.

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