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2012-366 Day 74 – Fellow 2012-366er’s

Let’s take a little tour and see how exactly unoriginal I was when I thought this up. You would think I wouldn’t have been surprised that other people (out of 7 billion) would have had the same thought, but goes to show I can be a little oblivious sometimes. I found these by searching “2012-366” on Google and parsing the results (I caught a lot of calendars and books this way, probably should have thought of a better one) and went through the first 5 pages.

Angela H’s Leap Year 2012 – 366 Review Challenge on Yelp
Status: Current through yesterday
Comments: Awesome idea, I’m a little jealous. I don’t know that I could have found 366 places worth reviewing, let alone the 366 blog ideas I’m going to have to generate for my project, so I’m glad she’s tackling this one instead of me. Based out of Georgia though, so her reviews aren’t going to do most of us here much good.

La Chat et L’Oiseau 366
Status: R.I.P. 2/13/12
Comments: Different cat and bird pictures a day whether drawing or photography, I can see where this project might have gotten out of hand rather quickly. Impressed they made it to mid-February.

Helen Trams 366 0f 2012
Status: Current through yesterday
Comments: A very similar concept to mine, although focusing more on that activities of that day rather than the random topics I’ve been doing.

366 Days of Photos by Clare
Status: Current through today
Comments: There’s actually a couple flicker groups dedicated to this idea, but this is the first blog I found by an individual person. I love the blog layout, and some of the pictures have commentary attached. Seems like a lot of fun, maybe I’ll try something similar next year.

2012 – 366 Games in 366 Days
Status: Behind schedule
Comments: This is actually a different idea, but cool enough I wanted to comment on it. You can see his rules on the first post, but basically his goal is to play a game 366 times this year (not necessarily daily, can repeat games). Seeing as I’m at 74 posts today and he just posted play number 53 on Monday, he’s a little behind schedule. I have faith, however, and will check back in later.

Venomator’s 366 Project – 2012
Status: Current through today
Comments: Another individual photo blog, this one using a mobile phone. A lot of filters here.

Daniel Cadden Photography
Status: R.I.P. 1/15/12
Comments: Apparently not all photo blogs make it, this one lasted 2 posts over 15 days.

366 Days of Gratitude
Status: R.I.P. 2/11/12
Comments: This started out so well, and is a great topic for keeping a positive mindset. Sadly it fizzled out in February, although it appears to be casualty of author business and not a lack of gratefulness.

2012: 366 Day Challenge on Yelp
Status: Current through today
Comments: Even the Yelp person wasn’t unique, although this guy is based in Ottawa (and recently New York) so there shouldn’t be much overlap between the two.

2012 366 Photos
Status: R.I.P. 1/17/12
Comments: Another photo blog, another mid-January fizzle out. I’m very impressed with the one person who’s current that I found earlier.

366 Page Comic Challenge
Status: Last Updated 3/10/12
Comments: I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt because it’s a great but very difficult idea, one I could never pull off. Missed March 9th and March 10th seemed to be a wrap up, but maybe they’ll push through it. A couple different styles definitely covers a lot of range.

So in all eleven different sites covering a variety of different ideas, only one really being close to mine. Maybe I was being more original than I though after all. Seven of the eleven are still kicking in one shape or form, we’ll check up on them later in the year.

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