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2012-366 Day 73 – Office Decor

I usually get comments from new visitors on my office decor, so I thought I’d share it with all of you who’ve never seen it. These are the two shelves over my head (there are another two shelves next to these that actually have work stuff on them). Click to enbiggen.

The top left is my superhero corner, with two Batmen (Animated and 2000s Comic versions), two Green Lanterns (Retro New Frontier and 2000s Comic Versions, a Pop Style Batman, and Animated Dr. Fate in package. The Boba Fett bobblehead has encroached from the Star Wars/Disney Territory next door. You can see the top of Emperor Palpatine Stitch behind Pop Batman, with Yoda Stitch next to him and the limited edition holographic Yoda Stitch and Papatine Stitch in the middle. My R2-D2 popcorn bucket from Disneyland is hiding behind them and a random Clone Trooper Pez Dispenser is hanging out next to Pop Stitch, with a Barbossa Stitch I got at Disney World sitting on top. The top right section has racing (back) and Fourth of July (right) themed Mountain Dew bottles, though they aren’t from the same series as the shelf below.

The perimeter of my second shelf actually hosts my original office decor collection. These Mountain Dew bottles are from the Green Label Art collection, which where released in four waves from 2007-2009. The first set in 2007 saw limited release (I believe only in the Southeast) so I’m actually missing three of those, but I managed to complete all the other sets. I also have the booklets they released and some stickers you can see on the shelf. I joke that if we ever have an earthquake and I’m stuck in my office, I’ll be able to subsist of expired Mountain Dew for a long time. On the left in the foreground is a little stuffed cat my mom knitted for me situated next to one of the Crocs from Pearls Before Swine (oddly enough found him in the Chinese area of Epcot). A throwback Mountain Dew can and some Mountain Dew flavored lip balm a coworker got me sit in the middle behind my Transformers area, with two versions of Optimus Prime (one of which actually transforms, thanks for the Christmas present Jess!) and a little Decepticon car from a cereal box, I think. The little red guy in the back is a Beanie Baby bear my sister gave to me who shares my birthday (May 21st), and finally we have a little Dodgers corner with some Dodger cookies and a helmet radio which Jess and I got as a giveaway at the stadium which only tunes in one station, one the Dodgers are no longer broadcast on.

There’s a little overflow of stuff onto a third shelf (little Cars Frisbees from a coworker’s kid because of Ultimate, a Dodgers Joe Torre bobblehead which will be replaced by the Orel Hershiser one I’m getting this year, a Russel Martin cup, and Dodgers Pez Dispenser. Trying to consolidate down to two shelves though, so we’ll see what stays.

Um, yeah, so there you go. Belt ceremony was cool last night, although this was the first joint one with the higher belts so it took a bit longer. Definitely was graded a little harder this time, but passed easily.

Weight: 233.4 Max: 240 Min: 233.4 Body Fat %: 24.7
Yearly Mileage: 59.7 miles
Current Belt: Orange – Next Belt: Blue – Next Test Date: 5/12
Fitocracy Level: 15 (25342 points, 2492/3500 to next level) – ID: disciplev1
Soccer – Last Game: L, 5-8 (Record: 0-3) Next Game: 3/18, 5:00 pm

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  1. Tony Lewis said

    looks like it is in need of a Penguin or 20.

  2. Mom said

    It is Dec 20, you’re almost done! So glad the kitty made it to work with you 🙂

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