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2012-366 Day 59 – Double Take

A short post today to honor the regular ending of the month of February, the shortest month which will be extended by one day tomorrow. Sure, we’ll go with that and not “I was having a hard time thinking up something for today and needed an excuse to run this picture I took.”

Last week, after work, I was walking down to where I usually meet Jess and it happened that we were both arriving at about the same time. I stopped and backed up a bit with what I’m sure was a funny look on my face, and Jess asked me what was going on. I didn’t want to ruin it, so I said nothing until she reached where I was and could see what I was seeing:

Pedestrian Crossing Sign with Red Bull Wings

Red Bull gives the person standing next to you wings! Wait, that's not right . . .

Yup, someone had decorated the pedestrian crossing sign in front of University Hall with a little Red Bull can and wings. The wings are still there, but someone has made off with the little Red Bull can (I’m not going to lie, I’m a little upset I didn’t think to snag it). Seeing as the Red Bull sample pushers are often on campus, I’m not putting it past them that this was an official prank and not some random person declaring their love for Red Bull. Either way it made us laugh.

Weight: 233.4 Max: 240 Min: 233.4 Body Fat %: 24.7
Yearly Mileage: 38.7 miles (+3.3 miles)
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