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2012-366 Day 49 – Questions?

Have you ever had one of those days that ranged all over the place? Times that were a lot of fun coupled with some that kinda stunk? Then you sit down to write a blog post at the end of the day (and you only have a half an hour left because you got home late) and realize that you can’t really talk coherently about any of it at the moment? What happens when your brain and soul hold a little rebellion and refuse to allow you to write? Do you write an entire post with questions that don’t really have an answer? Can you get away with not writing any definitive statements?

Will people call you on it and call it a cop out? Or will they understand and cut you some slack? Does it really matter since it’s your post and you can do what you want with it? Will people still come back tomorrow? Maybe one day I can just write a post of answers?

Weight: 233.4 Max: 240 Min: 233.4 Body Fat %: 24.7
Yearly Mileage: 23.2 miles
Current Belt: Purple – Next Belt: Orange – Next Test Date: 3/3/12
Fitocracy Level: 13 (16925 points, 325/3000 to next level) – ID: disciplev1

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  1. Eric said


  2. the big M said

    Hi, Boykid…spend no angst time wondering whether other people are questioning how, why or what you’re doing and when you do it. After 15 years keeping up a website schedule and writing 1000s of email: readers really don’t have a lot invested in you being on time or staying on track. They tire of apologies and come by when you have done what you do after you do it. So you can dispense with this one!

    Do you keep a list of possible subjects? Things you think about throughout the day that would be a jumping off point?

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