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2012-366 Day 47 – Valentine’s Day

Okay, so I’m doing a bit better today, still some congestion and a lot of sneezing/nose blowing, but I’m upright and at work. Wait, where’s everyone going? Sorry, sorry, I’ll move on . . .

Valentine’s Day? What do you mean it was Tuesday? Uh oh . . .

Alright, now that I’ve gotten rid of the people who don’t like discussions on illnesses and bodily fluids and those who hate ellipses (Ha! Ellipses . . .), I will say that, no, I did not forget Valentine’s Day (Jess’ comment after work on Tuesday, “I thought your blog would be about something else today.”), and it was a very intentional decision to put off discussing it in the blog (although it was originally supposed to be yesterday, and that forgetting joke might have been funnier then. Stupid head cold).

Jess, to her credit, HATED Valentine’s Day when we first started going out (and still does to a degree). She just had never had a good one. Rather than accepting this I (for some reason foolishly) was determined to help get her over this. This is bad, because I am terrible at planning big things far ahead. Just not wired that way for whatever reason, so I’d put way to much pressure on myself for something she didn’t want anyway. Sadly, I don’t even remember what most of those things were, although I did manage to get her to come around a little bit, so I must have had a successful Valentine’s Day or two in there.

Again, I’m not certain where I got this idea from (to make her like it) in the first place. It’s not like I was a huge Valentine’s Day fan going into the process, I never had one before Jess. In fact, while I believe that Valentine’s Day is probably necessary to let the husbands/boyfriends who put zero effort into their relationship know what day to buy flowers, I’m not certain that Valentine’s Day is strictly necessary for healthy relationships. Ideally this should be a far more regular occurrence than one day a year, and would generally be much cheaper and less crowded if you do any of these things (buy flowers, go out on dates) on any other day.

Last year kind of hit the reset button, seeing as I spent the entire day with a stomach bug, going out was not an option. So, in a more low key environment this year, I made reservations at a little Italian place on Ventura Blvd (Nicola’s) which turned out pretty well. We had been running ourselves pretty ragged in the last week (I calculated that in the 100 or so hours between Saturday morning and Tuesday night, I had spent about 4 and a half hours at home where I wasn’t sleeping – probably another cause of this cold), so low key was definitely appropriate.

All this discussion about Valentine’s Day, with not much about my Valentine. By virtue of this blog being by me and about what I feel/see, and owing to the fact that I don’t want to publicize anyone here that doesn’t want it, I don’t talk about a lot of other people in this blog and, when I do, it’s generally just their first name or a nickname (to protect the guilty . . . er, innocent). However, since Jess is my wife and co-tenant of this blog (yay, new Jess post!) who you can find more info about here, I’m guessing I can be a bit more open in talking about her. We will, however, set that apart in the next section, so it’s not welded on to this chunky introduction.

So what can I say about my Valentine? I’m enormously blessed to have such a loving and giving woman as my wife. She takes care of me in so many ways, between cooking for me, taking care of a lot of the day to day activities around the house, and serving as my social calendar (if I’ve seen you in the past seven years and it hasn’t been at church or work, you probably have Jess to thank for that). We compliment each other extremely well (I may be “dead inside,” which Jess helps to mitigate, but that also provides me the ability to bring my point of view outside of situations and realize what other people’s beliefs about you doesn’t really matter), and the fact that we both love many of the same things and have such a deep friendship really allows us to get through the rough patches together (one of our mottos: “I will always love you, but I don’t have to like you right now”). I used to write poetry in high school (yes, one of my many geeky tendencies), and, while I am extremely rusty, I believe I’ve owed her a poem for going on eight or nine years now.

A fair blonde haired beauty,
Who loves me better than I deserve.
A lovely blue eyed sweetie,
Whose life I’d give mine to preserve.

For while at times we sit
And talk of nothing of import.
Other times we are lit
With passion’s fire and exhort.

Though I’ve known you
Fourteen years now, seven as wife.
It remains just as true
That I can’t imagine you not in my life.

While at times you may be tired
With life’s constant grinding pace,
I’d like to pass on my heart’s fire
to help you keep running the race.

There is no poem, no rhyming verse,
That could contain all of the words
Needed to express why my heart bursts,
So let life continue writing . . .

I love you so much sweetheart, happy Valentine’s Day!

(I love the rest of you too, if you didn’t stop reading before the poem, you can go now.)

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  1. cathy said

    Awwwww! That is so sweet! You’re one of the great ones (A Bronx Tale). And I agree that the gestures of love should be more of a daily occurance. 🙂

  2. The big M said

    If you ask me, that low, low key you feel is inherited, and I believe it is an accepted temperament from God. It is our job to not let it make itself a problem, going too far into melancholy–just like a high-strung person needs to get a handle and rein it in. Appreciate the “low even keel” you’re on…life is truly a lot more tempestuous for most 🙂

    Also, I am very happy and grateful to know that you are most satisfied with your companion in life. It is a huge blessing straight from You Know Who, and makes the harder parts over the whole scope of your lifetime much much MUCH more endurable. Great choice!

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