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2012-366 Day 41 – Dodger Blogs

Continuing our tour of my RSS feed (our previous installment being Webcomics), we now turn to the section for Dodger blogs. I thought it appropriate since I’ll be playing in a softball tournament where all the teams are representative of the various blogs. (Oh, you didn’t know that? You must not have been around here long.) This is much shorter than the webcomics entry, and actually just recently lost an entry since the great Dodger Divorce went silent (although rightfully so, since, well, you know, the divorce is over). Again, in alphabetical order.

Dodger Thoughts –
This was the first Dodger blog that I started following (which is why I selected their team first when signing up for the softball tournament), and it just recently moved to a new home with it’s own domain. (It was a part of ESPN Los Angeles before, and is actually on it’s sixth home, I believe. I started reading around home number four.) It is “Jon Weisman’s outlet for dealing psychologically with the Los Angeles Dodgers and baseball.” We share a lot of view points and he writes in a refreshing, easy to read style. He has also contributed to Variety, so there is a bit of a pop culture crossover as well, which can be good or bad.

Los Angeles Dodgers Feed – –
This is for Dodger specific articles from MLBTradeRumors, and is particularly handy during the run up to the trade deadline. This is generally where I get breaking Dodgers news from, although all of the sites I follow generally update rather quickly.

Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness –
I started due to the site’s hilarious reference in the name (a Simpson’s episode where Mr. Burns replaces the company softball team with Major Leaguers who all get felled in one way or another during the episode. Scioscia contracted a tragic illness helping people in the nuclear power plant.), and I stayed because of the straight talk and funny posts.

True Blue L.A. –
A quality blog with a variety of contributors, this one does more analysis that the other ones. If I want to know about the upcoming Dodger Minor Leaguers and their chances in the Big Leagues, this is where I go.

In all, these sites let me cover pretty much everything I’d want Dodger related, while not bogging me down in information I’d never get to otherwise.

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