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2012-366 Day 365 – Fellow 2012-366ers IV

I knew there was one more thing I wanted to update before the grand finale tomorrow (okay, don’t hold me to the “grand” part), and that was an update to all of those sites who were attempting something similar to what I was doing this year. The last check-in was around the two-thirds mark, and I have to figure if they are updated through today that they’ll make it to tomorrow. As usual, only the survivors from last time will be updated.

Angela H’s Leap Year 2012 – 366 Review Challenge on Yelp
Status: Current through today
Comments: And we are starting off with a winner. I’m extremely impressed, as I am uncertain whether her task was easier or more difficult by having a narrower field of focus. I’m going to go ahead and say it was about the same (which is saying it was pretty difficult) and offer my congratulations on a job well done. That is if they ever visit this page to see it.

366 Days of Photos by Clare
Status: Incomplete
Comments: Turns out that the stutter on September 9th I saw last time was a bad sign for this project. The next update didn’t happen until October 1st and then was intermittent for the remainder of the year. In all I’d estimate they made it to 275-300 pictures, which is nothing to sneeze at. The did update one picture on December 27th after a two week hiatus, so they haven’t abandoned the place, but did have to abandon the photo-a-day concept.

2012 – 366 Games in 366 Days
Status: Behind schedule
Comments: The last update is from the 26th, where he’s played 292 games in 361 days. It seems unlikely he’ll fit 74 in the time he had remaining, but 300 is certainly within reach. If I got to play 300 games in a year, I’d be a happy camper, and it sounds like he’s happy with his results too.

Venomator’s 366 Project – 2012
Status: R.I.P. 11/25/12
Comments: Unfortunately this one fizzled out around Thanksgiving, not that I blame them since the holidays seem to be rough times to keep projects like this going. Too bad, they had some good pictures.

2012: 366 Day Challenge on Yelp
Status: Current through yesterday
Comments: 381 reviews for the year so far, and while they weren’t necessarily daily, he produced more reviews than days, so good for him. Although the blog is based in Canada, so maybe there is an exchange rate for days that I’m not aware of? (Yes, it’s getting towards the end and this is the quality of joke you’re going to get. Apparently I didn’t pace myself on the humor front. Or maybe I did and it’s always been this bad . . . yeah, that’s probably more likely.)

2012 366 Project
Status: Missing (R.I.P. 10/9/12)
Comments: The link is broken and I can find no mention of it on the home site, so I’m guessing they gave up on the idea. (Upon further review I found the tumblr for this site and the last post in the series was October 9th, although all attendant photos have been removed for some reason.)

2012/366 Pinterest Board
Status: Current
Comments: As far as I can tell, since Pinterest makes organizing anything a royal pain, but it all looks good. As an alternate format to this kind of blog, it strikes me as an interesting and fun idea, although pinning does seem to be a little easier than generating blog posts. Congrats though!

So there we go, three other projects I could find made it all the way through the finish line, while seven didn’t make it. Considering the fact that there were probably several that I missed before I even took my first survey, I’d probably put the ratio of successful to unsuccessful projects a bit lower than the 30% success rate I encountered. Looking forward to wrapping it all up tomorrow with a bit of a review and some discussion of what is going to happen here moving forward.

Weight: 222 Loss: 18 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 366.7 miles
Fitocracy Level: 26 ID: disciplev1

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