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2012-366 Day 361 – Rainbow

Did you know that in 361 days, the title above is the first time I used the word Rainbow? I didn’t either until I just did a search, but it was slightly surprising to me. Anyway, another busy day with some errands and then our final Christmas event with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law. We had a great night with everyone, but that has nothing to do with the aforementioned rainbow. And since it has been a busy day, I’ll be sharing some pictures with you instead of writing a lot.

Nope, that was when we were out driving around doing our errands. Jess looked to our right and saw a giant rainbow, with a double rainbow echo on the left side. We happened to be next to CSUN, so I drove to the top of the parking structure on the Southwest side of campus and we got out to take some pictures.

The rainbow was so big, even from the edge of the structure I couldn’t fit it into one shot, this was as close as I could get in one frame.
Full arc

I’ve mentioned in past blog posts that I like to play with angles, this one isn’t my best but did amuse me.

We figured this end of the rainbow was some where around Van Nuys.

Here’s the left side . . .

And the right side.

If you look closely over the tree in the middle, you’ll see the moon was in the middle of the rainbow.

My office is pretty much under this end of the rainbow next to the white tower.

Finally, a video of the whole thing.

It was a fun little diversion, especially since we wound up at the structure by our office with absolutely no obligation to be there. It was a great rainbow, I don’t know that the pictures do it justice, but I thought I’d share.

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