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2012-366 Day 36 – Super Bowl

Wow, what a game. It’s a shame that the Patriots receivers suffered from such a case of the dropsies a the end. I would not have cared much one way or another, except that I have a general distaste for New York teams due to my Dodgers allegiance so I was rooting for New England a little more (tempered by my wariness of Boston teams from my Lakers allegiance), and I had to pick a winner ahead of time for a little game and placed my lot with New England. Turned out to be a mistake, but what can you do?

I’m still looking forward to having an L.A. team to root for, but who knows how long that will be?

Had an awesome time at the Super Bowl party I was at, lots of good food and fellowship. The commercials seemed below average this year, with only a couple that stood out. Didn’t watch the half-time show (I’m sure not much of a surprise there), outside of about 30 seconds of the opening (seriously?) and 30 seconds of the dancing penguins in the middle.

It’s always fun to have a common event to share with others, and the Super Bowl is one of those things with a little bit for everyone.

Weight: 233.4 Max: 240 Min: 233.4 Body Fat %: 24.7
Yearly Mileage: 13.5 miles
Current Belt: Purple – Next Belt: Orange – Next Test Date: 3/3/12
Fitocracy Level: 12 (14177 points, 327/2750 to next level) – ID: disciplev1

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  1. Stephen said

    Traitor. Rooting for NE is nothing short of a repudiation of your alleged nerd heritage:

  2. Matt said

    I will defend myself only by saying that NE’s coach actually pulled a trick out of the Madden playbook and allowed the opponent to score to get the ball back with time on the clock at the end of the game, and the running back’s delayed realization of this resulted in this butt-first touchdown:

  3. Stephen said

    That’s a post-hoc rationalization, and you know it.



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