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2012-366 Day 358 – Volume

No, not how loud things are, instead the measure of how much of something there is. In this case I’m thinking of the massive amount of writing I’ve done this year, a volume so large that I doubt very few people have read every entry (I know Jess has, because she’s awesome, I think my Dad is pretty close if he hasn’t read the whole thing, and my friend Stephen is a possibility simply because he’s the fastest reader I know, but I think that’s about the whole list). I’m going to try and put together some statistics later this week before the end of the year just to get my head around what a giant project this has been. As I said from the beginning, there’s no way I expected anyone to read everything, I’m just not that interesting, but I have run across people the last few days who have read random days (this was at my Mom’s side of the family Christmas gathering today, not strangers I’m asking about the blog). I find this pretty entertaining and I like to hear about which post they read. I appreciate the time that anyone takes to read any one of my entries.

I believe I mentioned this before when talking about my collecting habits, but I’m a completionist. If I ran across this blog in October, I wouldn’t start reading it unless I went all the way back to January and started working through the entries one by one. Even then, unless I had some time each day set aside and could work through it in a few days, I wouldn’t bother even starting. That’s one reason why I am cutting down the overall number of posts next year to fifty two. It will make things easier for other completionists like me, even if the overall word count might remain roughly the same (actually, it will probably be lower, but we’ll see).

Again, thanks to everyone reading this, even if it is the only one you ever do. I’m looking forward to finishing out the year (seriously only eight days left?) and am excited to put together some of the final posts looking back at this whole crazy experience. If you’ve just started recently or only caught a here or there update, this is a good time to be checking things out, as you’ll get a taste of the entire experience in only a few short days. A week from tomorrow I’ll be wrapping this baby up!

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  1. Matt said

    I should also mention my Mom working through all the posts much as I would have, as evidenced by the trail of comments (which I love) that are popping up through the entries. 🙂

  2. dad said

    I have read every blot. I read my newspaper in the morning, get my kindle, read my Bible, and then your blot. You are going to mess up my midnight routine when you stop

  3. Stephen said

    You’re welcome. ;-P

  4. Mom said

    Yup! It is 11:33PM on 12/31/12 and I have eight entries to go!! I started very late, but I will have read all in the year you meant it! Congratulations, Matthew!

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