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2012-366 Day 355 – Resolution Cutting Floor

So I’m already thinking about next year’s resolutions, and I already have six with two more that I am leaving out but still trying to accomplish. Why did they get the ax? Well, they felt a little too binary to me, not something I could continually update on. I suppose I should mention that one of the new resolutions is to continue blogging (hence having a place to update), but it will be at a less frequent clip. Thus next year will see the debut of 2013-52, or one blog a week, which should be more substantial and less nerve-wracking at the last minute like this one almost was.

Anyway, back to the binary resolutions. The first one actually stems from one of my resolutions this year. Sadly, the karate belt achievement resolution is getting cut this time, because the belt tests are on a fixed schedule, so as long as I maintain my training, I’m certain to hit the mark. So I should be testing for 2nd Gup the first week of January 2014.

The second cut resolution is to start a Doctoral program in the Fall. I’ll be getting all of the application materials together in January and starting down that path, and while this is a goal that I will be updating on once or twice during the year, it probably won’t move very far on a month to month basis. I’m also pretty much putting all of my eggs in one basket this time around (if I don’t make it into this program I will start looking at others), so it will strictly be pass/fail on this goal.

Have you started thinking about your resolutions for next year? True, it’s probably best if you make it through Christmas first, but I’m sure some of you are special like me.

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  1. Mom said

    Re: Have you started thinking about your resolutions for next year? …I’m sure some of you are special like me.

    Yes we have, Matt! (And who gave You your Specialness? We did, we did!) You’ve sucked us in! We want to succeed at resolutions like you!! Love, Mom

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