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2012-366 Day 351 – Christmas Decor

Church with Christmas songs this morning, Christmas shopping today (mostly online during the day, then with Jess in the evening), and decorating the Christmas tree at night. Yup, it’s finally Christmas time. And yes, the tree managed to stay up after all the excitement of yesterday. Want to see our decor? Hey, isn’t that what the internet is for?

Our tree with the living room lights off.
Tree Dark

And with the lights on so you can see the ornaments (and there are a lot of ornaments).
Tree Light

The mantle all decorated.

Jess got a glass vase(?) and has been decorating it for each season. Here’s Christmas, with cool little snowflake lights.

The whole tableau, with A Christmas Story on the TV, because a) it’s on and b) it’s Christmas.
Living Room

And of course, where there is boxes and paper, there is our cat. Gatsby loves Christmas.
Gatsby box

Hope all of your Christmas (or other holiday) preparations are going well and that your shopping is done!

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