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2012-366 Day 347 – Plans

Well that was a crazy day. I’ll get more into it in the next couple posts, as I am late already (since I didn’t even get home until after midnight, I really didn’t have much of a choice), but I had one plan when I went to bed Tuesday night and ended up doing something completely different by the end of Wednesday. Jess wasn’t feeling well this morning, and I intended to take the afternoon off to finish grading papers anyway, so I stayed home from work. We scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) off earlier and were planning to go down to Disneyland to have a date day and see the Candlelight Processional, a holiday tradition that has been expanded this year. We tried to see it last year and were waiting for a couple hours only to have it rained out at the last minute.

The Processional features local choirs and a celebrity narrator, and the celebrity scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday was Dick Van Dyke, one of Jess’ all-time favorite actors and people. We determined that we weren’t going to miss it this time and set aside the time to go . . . and then we started checking the weather reports. Having been burned by the rain last year, we didn’t want to be put into the same position. As the day got closer, the chance of rain started to climb. Finally, early this afternoon, it seemed that rain Thursday would be inevitable, but there was the possibility that the rain on Wednesday would hold off long enough to get the show in. Since I was already home and Jess was feeling a bit better (we’re pretty sure it was an allergic reaction to the cat sleeping on the pillow she switched out to last night that she didn’t know about), we decided to head down and see what happened.

I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow (assuming I finish grading in a timely manner, as that is what today was set aside for until we switched it with tomorrow’s plans).

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