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2012-366 Day 346 – Grading II

I’m buried in the stuff (Grading, that is). The problem when your curriculum requires a 2500 word paper from every student is that you have to read and grade a 2500 word paper from every student. I always read them all first so I have a baseline before I start grading, and then go back through and assign the individual scores. I’m about three quarters of the way through the reading part, which takes the longest, and then can jump in on the actual score assignments. Hoping to finish everything by tomorrow so I can take Thursday off with Jess and then give them their scores (and the Final) on Friday. The Final, along with one more project, will be the final thing to take care of over the weekend, and then it’s time for winter break. Getting all this done and getting ready for Christmas at the same time can prove to be a real challenge during the end of the Fall Semester.

Oh well, time to get back to it!

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  1. M said

    Wow, I was unaware that there are teachers out there who get the read on an entire class before they begin to assign grades. Like it should be, I think, but I still have doubts it is done…

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