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2012-366 Day 335 – Pictures VII

Went to a great concert with Jess tonight, but will have to cover that another time as it is getting late (and I promised you people pictures yesterday, although I suppose it wouldn’t have been the first time I lied to you all. Probably best to stay honest though). I finally got a good backlog on the phone, and managed not to delete them when I upgraded the phone a couple weeks ago, so here we go:

It turns out that hands-free technology doesn’t have to be expensive, especially when you have strong legs. Yes, I read an entire chapter like this, while eating some carrots and occasionally hitting the next button. Yes, I am also weird.

Jess and I went to Chevy’s in Burbank about a month ago, and driving out of the parking structure I did a double-take. Three SUV’s, all the same model, in red, white, and blue all in a row. I had to circle back around and take a picture, then hurry out since security had just driven by.

I’ve had this picture for a few weeks, and I’m still unable to determine what the filling is in McDonald’s Holiday Pie. I am also absolutely unwilling to buy and try one to find out. I’ll just have to keep studying the evidence.

This was in the waiting area at the local Walgreens around Halloween. I’m not certain it’s the message you want to be sending your potential customers (which is why I’m pretty sure that Walgreens wasn’t responsible for its placement).

Finally, we get to one of my idiosyncrasies (I know, I have more than one, shocking). Everyone has their favorite way to eat an Oreo, right? Well mine just happens to be a little unique. When I have multiple Oreos (and face it, when was the last time you only had one Oreo?), I will unscrew the top of the cookies and then combine the fillings into a mega cookie. I will continue doing this until I am out of Oreos, so I have one giant pile of cream between two cookies and a bunch of leftover lids. Our friend Dennis found some Oreos that apparently come prestacked, but with two different types of cream (chocolate and vanilla) and a cookie in between.

He gave me the container and said he already had his own, so I had to eat them. But I’m weird, right? Challenge Accepted.

I wish I had a microphone I could drop and walk of stage right now. I’ll just have to settle for

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  1. Mom said

    I know! I know! The filling in the McDonald Holiday Pie is vanilla custard (pudding). Dad has bought it a few times, and it is pretty good! Mmmm! Vanillla…!

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