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2012-366 Day 334 – Grading

Only two regular class sessions left in my teaching job for the semester, then the final and a little break. I had a lot of grading to do catching up from vacation with several projects that had been due right before. I’ll admit, my least favorite part of teaching is grading, I just find it a little tedious and pretty boring. Yes, I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to say that. I like lecturing, love answering questions, don’t mind proctoring tests (why would I?), and like getting to know the students a bit. I really dislike sitting at a desk and evaluating the answers to the same set of questions over and over. But hey, it’s a part of the job, and, until I get fancy enough where I have Teaching Assistants, I get to do it (and complain about it briefly here, I guess).

Time to sleep before my busy Friday so I can make some sense while lecturing tomorrow. I actually have tomorrow planned out, you can look forward to the next installment in the Picture series!

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