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2012-366 Day 328 – Black Friday

Well, I wasn’t planning on making any big purchases on Black Friday this year. We have two perfectly good flat screens I got from previous Black Friday sales, and they both have been mounted on our wall in the last month, so I had no desire to change that set up. My laptop was starting to show its age (okay, it has been showing its age for a while now), but I didn’t see a need to replace it yet. Until last night . . .

Plugging it into the wall last night, I heard a large pop and then sparks coming from the power adapter. The cable had been separating from the supply for a while now, but it was still functional and mostly covered, so not all that dangerous as long as I didn’t touch the wires (I never touched the wires). Apparently the cables had been pulling away and finally severed and touched each other, hence the pop and the sparks. This adapter was already a replacement for the original, which I had to order online, as was the battery, which only lasts about twenty minutes now. I’ve had this laptop since I restarted on my thesis, so it’s pushing five or six years old. Since it’s Black Friday, we decided to see what laptop deals could be found.

Being Black Friday, of course, we succeeded. So I’m typing this on a brand new laptop with a faster processor, more memory, and a bigger screen that we got at a two hundred dollar discount. I am, of course, very happy.

We’ve spent the last three Black Fridays in three different locales (Modesto, Los Angeles, Grand Junction) and I have to say, if you can get out of LA on a Black Friday to do shopping, you should do so. We didn’t get up early for any of them, but we did go shopping each of the Fridays and managed to find some good things out there. But the volume of people, of course, was so much lower outside of LA and helped make the experience more enjoyable. Of course, there’s always the wonderful world of online shopping to continue looking at. I’ve probably made my biggest purchase of the season today, but hey, it was a good time to do it.

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