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2012-366 Day 327 – Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! A great day with Jess and my Grandparents, topped off with my third Thanksgiving dinner this week (and some chocolate cake pie topped with bacon, yes, you read that right, picture below). I am thankful for so many things this season, a list so long I’d be here for a long time.

Instead I’ll keep it short. I’m thankful for Jess, thankful for my great family, wherever they are today, thankful for all my friends, concentrated in L.A. but also spread throughout the country, thankful for my health, thankful for my jobs, and thankful for the generosity of all the people who gave back today in service, whether that be helping the needy, disaster recovery, or military deployment. Yes, that’s the short version.

I’m boycotting Black Friday earliness (okay, I’ve been boycotting that for the last five to six years) and am giving a disapproving look to all the stores that opened at some point today rather than giving their employees the day off. Uncool. Looking forward to enjoying the rest of my vacation.

Oh yeah, here’s the bacon pie:

It was pretty good, and the bacon was an interesting touch. I know you’re jealous.

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