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2012-366 Day 325 – Thanksgiving Vacation

I’m glad it’s here, I’ve been needing an extended break for a little while now. Three day weekends are nice, but an extended break really helps get things back in focus. I’m very grateful (some might even say thankful) to be in a position where I have a job from which I can take time off.

In unrelated news, Jess put a picture up on Facebook (duplicated below) she took this morning of my eye. I got my first black eye in a long time last night, although it really didn’t show up until this morning. How did it happen, you ask? Fight Club.

No, seriously. Okay, we technically call it sparring class in karate, but same difference, right? Funny thing, when you’re learning to defend your face, you occasionally get hit in the face, because, you know, that’s where they’re aiming at. I don’t even remember which hit it came on (and no, it’s not because they hit me too hard . . . okay, maybe one, but it wasn’t in the eye).

I’m pretty tired at this point, so I’ll be continuing my streak of short posts. Apologies in advance, as I don’t know if that will change for the next few days as we hit Thanksgiving. I’m certain you understand, however, as you’re probably pretty busy too. So stop wasting time reading this (do come back another day, though) and go enjoy your Thanksgiving break too!

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