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2012-366 Day 324 – Tech Fun

I like having the latest updates for any devices I have, even if that means they’re still a little buggy. This has been a bit of an annoyance when it came to my phone, as I bought a new one specifically to have the latest and greatest operating system of Android, only to have two new versions and no updates from Sprint since then. When the latest rumor surfaced that the phone would be upgraded this week turned out to be only rumor, I decided to take manners in to my own hands.

There’s a shirt out there that amuses me, “I void warranties.” While I generally don’t do so on the physical hardware, I’m certainly up for messing with the software. After determining that hopefully the only thing I would lose would be my Star Wars Angry Bird scores, I decided to take the plunge and divorce myself from Sprint and HTC’s operating system. There is a great community made replacement system called Cyanogenmod, and the recently put out an update for my phone.

Unfortunately I decided to start this process at 3 pm, figuring two hours was plenty of time and I’d have no problems (I’m a professional, right?). Needless to say, it was 5:45 before I had wiped my phone all together (and lost the stuff on the internal partition) and barely finished getting it at least working again. Thankfully the items on my SD card didn’t get erased (there apparently was the potential to lose that too at one point).

I had to go to sparring class tonight, so efforts to finish the job didn’t resume until about 9:30. Now that I knew what the problem was, however, and had gotten one major step done before, I was able to fairly easily set things back up and get the new image on. Now I have to re-customize and re-download everything (which I knew I’d have to do in the first place, but wasn’t expecting so much work in between).

But hey, a win is a win, even if it was slightly Pyrrhic.

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  1. M said

    Pyrrhic, huh? Where did you get that $45 word?

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