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2012-366 Day 318 – Highs and Lows

I realize that time is necessary to our understanding of the universe and placing things in a proper order (shocking, I know), but the unfortunate side effect is that it can place two experiences on polar opposite ends of the emotional spectrum within 15 minutes of each other. To go from laughing your butt off to sober reflection in so short a time period can give you a nasty case of figurative whiplash, although I suppose that is the more common way that these events occur (it seems much harder to go from sober reflection to laughing your butt of in a short time).

The fun times occurred tonight at a hangout where we got to prank a friend whose birthday was today, eat and have a good time talking, and then playing a great game of (game we haven’t made up a name for yet) where you write down a phrase, pass that phrase and a stack of papers to the next person, and they have to draw your phrase. The person after them has to write down what they think the phrase is from the drawing, and it continues around the circle until your phrase arrives back at you. Finally you present how your phrase got horribly twisted and corrupted to the group, going through all the drawings and intermediate phrases. It’s always a blast.

Leaving group, however, I got an email that called for some sober reflection and dealing with some difficult issues. I really wish I could elaborate on this, but I unfortunately can’t. Just know that I am only tangentially involved in the situation, the email was mainly informing me what happened and gave me some options on how to proceed. Speaking only in the broadest strokes, I can say that there is someone out there who could really use your prayers right now.

To go so quickly from fun to serious can be a challenge, but it also really speaks to the variety of life that we get to experience. It is often said that the highs are diminished without the lows, and occasionally we get reminded of that in rapid succession so we can quickly make that connection.

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  1. Mom said

    Hi Matt–I don’t remember this incident, I presume it ended well enough. God is out of time, so I went ahead and said a prayer just now. (He has added it!)

    I would enjoy playing your phrase game sometime when you come over for dinner!

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