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2012-366 Day 312 – Lazy II

It’s not as bad as the last time I wrote a post with this headline, but I’ve certainly been physically lazy since I finished my crazy busy day a week ago Sunday. I’ve only been running once, went to karate once (to be fair, they had testing on Saturday so I couldn’t go even though I was available), played Softball on Sunday (one real game and a pick up game in place of the forfeit), played Frisbee twice, and been to my fitness class twice (out of three times). I’m certainly ready to get back on the horse again, but it has been kind of nice to back off a bit for the last week and a half.

Additionally, I was asked yesterday if I planned to keep blogging everyday after the new year rolls around. My answer was a quick and fairly emphatic, “No.” I just don’t think I’ll have enough to keep this going past a year, and, in fact, stretching it to a year may be making the quality suffer here towards the end (okay, maybe quality isn’t the right word). I will try to think of something interesting to do for the next year, I’ve got a little under two months to figure that out. Any suggestions will be gratefully considered.

That’s the thing about becoming un-lazy, it’s always something you can do tomorrow (both in the literal and procrastinating sense, I suppose). With a run at lunch (probably), fitness class, and karate, I guess I’m taking the literal route.

Weight: 222 Loss: 18 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 346.2 miles
Softball Stats: Game 8 – 4/4 (1.000), 3 R, 2 RBI Season – 21/28 (.750), 5 2B, 14 R, 12 RBI
Fitocracy Level: 26 ID: disciplev1

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  1. Mom said

    Dad told me you made some new decisions for the new year, so I will hold my peace until I get there. Hope you’re still planning to write on a regular basis of some sort.

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