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2012-366 Day 310 – Voting

Polls open in a little less than eight hours around here, so I’m going to take a little time to tell you what I’m voting for candidate by candidate and issue by issue, and why you are wrong for not doing the same.

Proposition 30 – I work for the State of California in education, and, as such, part of my paycheck is somewhat dependent on this ballot measure. There have been many attack ads on both sides, particularly since there is an additional Proposition that is actually in direct competition (Proposition 38) that only funds the K-12 schools and ignores the colleges and universities. Both have their pros and cons, although the K-12 system has the con of not having me work for them. As such, I feel that you have to vote

Did I get you? No way in the world am I doing something like that here. Your vote is your vote, and it is your job to look into the issues and vote as your conscience (or lack there of) leads you. Now if you want my opinion, I will be more than happy to give it to you with no pressure for you to agree with me, I know that two people can have contradictory ideas and still have productive conversation (would that today’s politicians have the same idea).

That’s what has irritated me the most about the political ads I’ve complained about the last few weeks: thirty seconds is not enough time to inform on a particular issue, and when you attack the other guy, there is even less productive time being spent here. Reading the ballot measures in the booklets helps a bit more, especially the voter guide, but reading the commentary and pros and cons there often devolves into the same chest-pounding, mud-sling narrative.

All this to make a simple point: Tomorrow (soon today) go out and exercise your right to vote. Do so with pride, but also respectful of everyone else’s right to vote according to their convictions. The process may be flawed, particularly with respect to the Presidential election (that’s a whole other story that I’m not doing here), but it is still a process that many other countries do not have the benefit of enjoying.

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