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2012-366 Day 308 – Weekend Wrap Up XXIV

Half Marathon derailed the Weekend Wrap Up last week, so there’s quite a bit to go through this time. I did repeat several topics this time, so it won’t be as bad. Let’s see what I have to catch up on.

Sunday (10/21) – Softball Game 6: Doubling up on Softball topics always makes it difficult to update, because usually I waste everything in the first entry and then have nothing for the second one. I’ll switch that this time though, by putting this disclaimer in the first entry and then doing the actual update in the second entry. Sometimes I’m a genius! (Okay, probably not this time, but whatever.)

Monday (10/22) – Rock and Roll Half-Marathon Pregame: I know I swore off Half Marathons for a while in this post, but I’m in the post-Personal Record afterglow now and have reconsidered. I almost signed up for the Rock and Roll Half in Pasadena in January, but eventually decided not to. Remembering how I felt before the race via these blog posts certainly helped sober me up a bit, but it’s also a financial thing now. These races are expensive, and signing up for so many is starting to become a bit of a drain (I also signed up for the LA Marathon last month, and that one is especially not cheap), so I saved myself on two accounts here (not worrying about the logistics and spending the money). I have a few more Half Marathon posts, so we’ll save the rest for those.

Tuesday (10/23) – Political Ads: Another topic I covered twice in the past two weeks, but one I’m exhausted of even thinking about, we’ll see if I have anything more to say by the time I get down to part II.

Wednesday (10/24) – Moods: My good mood has definitely come down a bit since then, but it’s still been mostly positive since. It certainly got a bump after my unexpected good showing in the half marathon, but it’s been pretty steady other than that. Like I said in the original post, I keep a pretty even keel, so I guess that’s a good thing.

Thursday (10/25) – Experiences: See, occasionally I have experiences like the story in this post and I feel old, but I don’t dwell on them too much, as there are still groups, like the one I was with tonight, where I’m the youngest guy there. So until that stops being the case, I guess I can’t get too worked up over the occasional “Sir”. I did hear one today and almost responded, but thankfully they weren’t talking to me.

Friday (10/26) – Regrets: Ah yes, the pit of my pre-half marathon despair. If I had known then what I knew now, I wouldn’t have been so whiny. Again, though, I’m going to try and avoid putting myself in the position to feel like this for a while.

Saturday (10/27) – Will: So, yeah, good decision in hindsight . . .

Sunday (10/28) – Half Marathon and Softball Game 7: But doing the half marathon, a softball game, umpiring, and the pumpkin carving for our work team all in the same day? Maybe not such a good decision because it led to . . .

Monday (10/29) – Sick Day IV: Not being able to move much in the morning and then a migraine in the evening. It’s possible the migraine may have been brought on by some dehydration, I didn’t drink as much as I should have on Monday (although I drank PLENTY during the race). Both of my previous half marathons have been the Disneyland Half on the Sunday before Labor Day, so I had a built in day off there, and I took a day off after the one LA Marathon I did. I probably should have budgeted that in ahead of time.

Tuesday (10/30) – LA Rock and Roll Half Marathon: I’m certain there is nothing more I can add here that wasn’t covered in that post or in the above portion of this post. If there’s anything I missed, just ask and I’ll be glad to answer.

Wednesday (10/31) – Lengthy: Ah, burn out, you come and go so often on this project. Less than two months to go!

Thursday (11/1) – Resolution Update: It is really hard to believe it is already November. I know I comment on how time is flying nearly every month, but keeping a blog like this really brings it into focus.

Friday (11/2) – Political Ads II: Yeah, I’m done with them and this. See you later.

Weight: 222 Loss: 18 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 346.2 miles
Softball Stats: Game 7 – 2/3 (.666), 2 2B, 1 R, 3 RBI Season – 17/24 (.708), 5 2B, 11 R, 10 RBI
Fitocracy Level: 26 ID: disciplev1

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