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2012-366 Day 305 – Lengthy

You know, I always find it hardest to write again after I put up a long post like yesterday’s. It’s tempting to simply split those articles over multiple days, and get more mileage out of them. Once I get on a roll writing, however, I like to keep going, and once I have it done, I want to have it all up at once.

That doesn’t help me the day after, as I seem to have a reservoir for writing and it takes a little while to recharge. It is days like this where I’m glad I didn’t put some sort of minimum word count on these when I first decided to start writing. Then again, I’m not doing to bad with a post simply about how longer posts make me want to write shorter posts the next day.

Although I have to imagine you’re tired of reading about it by now. Halloween was today, of course, and I hope you all had a fun and safe one. Jess and I wore costumes to our respective work sites, even though we kind of had a couple’s costume (I went as Waldo – of Where’s Waldo fame, while Jess went as Carmen San Diego – of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, a computer game I loved to play growing up, together we were the world’s most tragic love story, as we could never find each other). While I did not win any of the categories in our work costume contest, I am extremely proud of my response to the announcement:

“I don’t know guys, I think people might have had a little trouble finding me on the ballot . . . – Waldo”

Weight: 222 Loss: 18 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 343.1 miles
Softball Stats: Game 7 – 2/3 (.666), 2 2B, 1 R, 3 RBI Season – 17/24 (.708), 5 2B, 11 R, 10 RBI
Fitocracy Level: 26 ID: disciplev1

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