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2012-366 Day 301 – Will

Jess and I braved the traffic to head downtown and pick up my racing bib for tomorrow, so in less than 9 hours I’ll be running down Figueroa away from the Convention Center. Having got one trip down there out of the way, I’m definitely feeling better about going tomorrow. Despite my nervousness from yesterday, I’m simply relying on willpower to do what I’ve done before and get my feet out on the street. Sadly I have to be up in six hours or so, so I’m keeping this post short so I can get ready for bed (we’ll see if I actually sleep). I’ll let you know how everything goes tomorrow night.

Weight: 224 Loss: 16 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 330 miles
Softball Stats: Game 5 – 1/3 (.333), 1 R, 1 RBI Season – 15/21 (.714), 3 2B, 10 R, 7 RBI
Fitocracy Level: 26 ID: disciplev1

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