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2012-366 Day 299 – Experiences

Every so often, something happens in my day that, immediately after I experience it, I think, “That’s going to make a great blog post! I’m excited.” Unfortunately there are other events that, immediately after I experience it, I think, “That’s going to make a great blog post! Too bad I have to tell people about it.”

This, as you might have guessed, is a case of the latter. It all started on Tuesday in my fitness class. Now, the class is mostly populated by Faculty and Staff members, but a few students (two guys and a girl) made it in at the end of registration because they needed one more unit for whatever reason. The girl and our teacher (another woman) were talking about massages, and the teacher recommended a local place. Since I was right there, I piped up with the name of Jess’ favorite place, noting that they cost about the same and everyone who had been there loved it. We continued the conversation for another minute or two, and then went about class business.

So far, so good, right? Today we received an email that our teacher wouldn’t be available for class due to a family emergency, and another teacher would take over for the day. We went through the entirety of class and were wrapping up when I heard a voice behind me.


I turned toward the sound merely out of impulse, not yet registering the awful truth. The girl took this as acknowledgement and moved forward with her line of questioning.

“Sir, what was the name of that massage place you were talking about last time?”

It was right around the word massage that my brain actually processed that she was talking to me. The horror and the answer arrived at the same time, thankfully it was the answer that escaped my mouth. Sir? Sir? Holy cow I’m glad my self worth is not wrapped up in my self-image and not being seen as old, because having a college girl refer to you as sir will take a two by four to any misconceptions you may have had of seeming younger. Ouch!

She finished up by asking if I remembered the name of the place that the teacher recommended, and I told her. She thanked me and headed off. I gathered my towel and bottle of water and thought to myself, “Yup, that’s going in the blog.”

Weight: 224 Loss: 16 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 330 miles
Softball Stats: Game 5 – 1/3 (.333), 1 R, 1 RBI Season – 15/21 (.714), 3 2B, 10 R, 7 RBI
Fitocracy Level: 26 ID: disciplev1

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  1. M said

    Whenever I want to get a man’s attention, young or old, I call him Sir…I know it sounds ageist and/or old fashioned, but what is the alternative, really? I guess she could have said “Excuse me,” but that isn’t what came out first. She felt just as weird as you, I’m betting…

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