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2012-366 Day 298 – Moods

I’m really not certain why, as I haven’t changed much of anything, but I’ve been in a really good mood for the last three days. I haven’t been sleeping more (though I really should), and nothing really great has happened in that time frame (outside of day to day life). I can think of a few areas individually where things have changed, but none that explain the overall elevation of my mood. What areas am I speaking of?

I have gotten back into my active lifestyle after recovering from my injuries, but that’s been almost two weeks now.

My spiritual life has been trending upward, and that has helped a lot, but again, that’s been going on for a little bit longer than the time frame I’m looking at.

I also have my weight trending downward, and that’s certainly helped some, but I hesitate to attribute the entire reason for it since it’s not particularly noticeable except via the scale.

I have had a catchy Bruno Mars song stuck in my head since I saw it on Saturday Night Live this week, and I suppose that has helped too, but I’ve had songs stuck in my head before and not noticed this sort of uptick.

Work has been pretty quiet, and that’s always a bonus, but also hardly unusual.

I had to have one of my crowns replaced, which is painful both physically and in the wallet, with a temporary going in last week, falling out on Sunday (as I told the dental assistant, I just Poligripped it back in, this isn’t my first crown rodeo), and finally getting the permanent one today, which took a lot longer than expected because they had to make a new one due to the fact that the dentist didn’t like how the one they made last time fit (he’s a great dentist, but apparently a perfectionist. Although we were replacing a crown that went bad, so I guess I appreciate starting this one off with the best possible chance to succeed). But even all that only temporarily dinged my mood.

Jess and I even had a good fight Monday night (I suppose this still was conceived as a marriage blog, even if I did kind of hijack it for this experiment in the last year, so I have to mention it every so often), but, after sorting everything out, mood was back up again pretty quickly.

The transitory nature of moods has always frustrated me. There are so many interlocking variables and even one being off can tilt the entire alignment (if I haven’t eaten in too long, my mood will quickly tank). And it’s in putting all of these pieces together that we arrive at where we are. So, for whatever reason, the current mood trend is way up, which is very unusual for me. I usually maintain a very even keel, so going too far up or too far down doesn’t happen all that often, and, as you’ve noticed by this point in the post, I take note of that.

Thankfully I do not have a cyclical personality like some do, so I don’t have to look forward to an equal low in the near future. I can just enjoy it for what it is (even if I can’t figure it out in about six hundred words) and hope it sticks around.

Weight: 224 Loss: 16 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 330 miles
Softball Stats: Game 5 – 1/3 (.333), 1 R, 1 RBI Season – 15/21 (.714), 3 2B, 10 R, 7 RBI
Fitocracy Level: 26 ID: disciplev1

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