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2012-366 Day 285 – Debates

So here is a post about politics which will mostly consist of me yelling at both sides. Skip it if you like, read it if you dare. Your mileage may vary.

So I hear there was a Vice-Presidential debate on tonight. Sorry I missed it, I was watching baseball instead. Alright, you caught me, I’m not sorry. I’m sure if there’s anything important the internet will let me know in the next day or so. From what I gather, the tone was very similar to the Presidential debate. If that’s the case, I’m especially glad I missed it, because I only watched a few minutes of that debate before turning it off, frustrated. My main issue was the absolute lack of respect both candidates showed for each other and the debate format. Cutting each other off, going over time, and running over the moderator, that kind of behavior is disappointing in the people who want to be the leader of the United States. And, unfortunately, once one person does it, the other person feels they have the right to do it too, just to make things “fair.”

Then you have the further problem of reliability. Sure you can watch the debate live and ooh and aah over all the great points and zingers, but it totally defeats the purpose when you go online the next day to find out that half the points were misconstrued or out and out lies. It scares me that people watch these debates and make decisions on who they vote for based on how the candidate says something or handles a question without verifying the accuracy of what they are saying. And it saddens me that the politicians involved are willing to use such inflammatory rhetoric and shoddily constructed arguments with “facts” that just melt away into vapor upon any sort of cogent examination.

And were that I could pin the blame solely on one party, but this is exactly what makes the two party system so broken in today’s society. I have heard rumors of times when the two parties could work together and set aside their differences for the greater good, but those seem oh so long ago now. The mentality that the other party must die and be destroyed has set our political system back at least a 100 years, and there needs to be some other alternative between “us” and “them.” It almost makes me wish I had more of a political bent so I would be motivated to do something about it. Could someone get on that for me?

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