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2012-366 Day 266 – Weekend Wrap Up XX

Heavy softball theme this week. First game is tomorrow, so you’ll have to put up with one more update. I’m looking forward to finally playing, but I suppose I should get on with the wrap up.

Sunday (9/16) – Softball Prologue: I suppose you could have seen the heavy softball coverage coming up with this post, but even I didn’t know at the time. Even better, I get to play in a tournament next Saturday (hopefully, I haven’t heard from my team yet), the second Dodger Blog tournament. Hit the ground running, I suppose.

Monday (9/17) – Fairness: I’m not entirely certain what prompted this one, but I felt it was interesting. I still owe you the LAPD story, but that will be it’s own post.

Tuesday (9/18) – Decompression: Two posts offering a little insight into my brain in a row, sorry if it got too personal. Okay, maybe not, not I suppose you have a little more info into how I tick.

Wednesday (9/19) – Softball Draft Strategy: I updated this one in the Softball Schedule post, and we’ll get the first indications as to how the draft went for me tomorrow. Did I mention I was looking forward to it?

Thursday (9/20) – Softball Schedule: Did I also mention I have the first game? Here we go.

Friday (9/21) – Pictures VI: I took another random picture today, but the phone ate it. It was a poster for a missing bird, but the funny thing was that “It answers to Mr. Buddha.” I really wanted to wander around the neighborhood calling for “Mr. Buddha” but had other things to do.

Weight: 227 Loss: 13 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 297.7 miles
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